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Ethical Wills

How To Make Sure That Ethical Wills Become Legally Binding.

Jasper L. Edwards


Certain kinds of wills are known variously as ethical wills, spiritual wills or even spiritual ethical wills and the reason why you too should understand what these kinds of will are is that such wills have, in the recent past, gained in popularity as compared to the traditional type of wills, which more often than not, end up lacking in any kind of spiritual or ethical content.

Ethical Wills

Information Of An Intimate Nature

To begin with, the term "ethical wills" refers to a variety of wills much as is the case of last wills and even trusts though, in its basic form, the ethical will is nothing more and nothing less than an ethical letter that contains information of an intimate nature relating to a person, or a group of people. However, such ethical letters generally do not contain a
ny list related to inheritance and nor do theycontain promises related to the maker’s estate.

Before you rush into believing that ethical wills do not carry any legal weight, it would be wise for you to consider the factors that can govern whether such wills are in fact legal or not. Though, it is legal to write such a will, it still may not be considered as being a legally binding document since they may not, in most circumstances, contain the type of information needed in order to execute a will, though they may certainly contain a promise regarding how the estate be divided amongst beneficiaries.

Thus, to ensure that any ethical wills that you may be considering making be considered legal, you need to ensure that such wills include all of the elements contained in last wills and even in trusts which will help ensure their legal standing.

It is however up to the court to decide on the legality of your ethical will and thus there must be included in such wills signs that you did in fact, intend this will to be your last will and trust. Thus, you should, at the very beginning of your ethical wills include simple statements to the effect that you are creating the ethical will with a view to making it your trust and last will because such statements will help to ensure that will is considered a legally binding document.

However, a better way of ensuring that your ethical wills is indeed considered to be legally binding is to get an attorney to create the segments that pertain to finances as well as legal aspects and then add whatever other information and material you wish to include in such wills.

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