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Properly drafted Canadian legal wills go a long way to ensuring your estate is distributed among its beneficiaries in the manner you wish and in a timely manner. Beware, though, leaving it until it's too late.

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A Canadian Will, which is also known as a Testament, is a legal document by which a person who is known as the testator spells out the manner in which his or her estate should be distributed following his or death. The Testator appoints one or more persons known as executors to ensure your estate's. The Will may also specify the manner in which the testator wants any medical treatment to be carried out and, ir necessary, the arrangements that need to be made for his or her funeral. 

The most important reason that you should make a Will is that it enables the Can Canadian Legal Willsadian government to know exactly how you want your estate to be distributed after your death. In absence of a Will or if the Will is not valid at the time of death, it is regarded that the person has died intestate and may lead to a prolonged legal battle among the surviving family members, known as B eneficiaries, resulting in delay in distribution of the estate. Properly drafted Canadian legal Wills go a long way to ensuring that your estate is distributed among the beneficiaries in the manner you chose and in a timely manner.

Before you start making a will it would be prudent for you to understand the meaning and definitions of various major and minor terms and phrases that are used in the drafting of Canadian legal Wills, such as Testator, Testament, Wills, Beneficiary, Legacy and Executor. Once you're clear about the terms and definitions of Canadian legal wills you should make an estimate of the value of your assets, which includes not only your property, investments, motor vehicles and cash, and last, but not least, any and all other personal belongings that you may own. Once you have made an assessment of the location and the value of your assets, you can then decide on the manner it will be distributed among the beneficiaries.

By keeping in mind a few essential things you can easily make a valid Canadian legal Will that will be accepted by the Canadian Law courts. You can choose either to write the Canadian legal will yourself or you can avail of the services of a lawyer to draft the Will for you. You should also ensure that the Canadian legal Will executed by you, reflects your current situation, and in case of any change, you should ensure that the will is appropriately amended.

For instance, if your marital status changes you should ensure that the same is reflected in the Will you have made or else you may face the prospect of it being cancelled automatically. The most important aspect in making Canadian legal Wills is the appointment of one or more executors who will ensure that your last wishes are executed in the manner defined by the Will. It would be advisable to have an alternate executor in case the executor nominated by you is unable to perform the execution of the Will. Canadian legal Wills are regarded as valid only if the document hase been witnessed. You can ask any adult to Witness your Will (in writing), though you should take care that the witness to the Will is not also a Beneficiary or nominated as the executor.

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