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Advantages of Living Wills

The Many Advantages Of Living Wills Should Help You Feel More Secure For The Future.

Jasper L. Edwards


Thanks to the many advances in modern technology and medical science, people today are able to live longer than ever before though at the same time it must be said that some of the treatments do not offer full hope of recovery.

In fact, living on things such as life support and coping with side effects can actually make a person live a very agonizing life which can even cause them to be unable to make decisions or even talk with their doctors and in fact would live life as if in a virtual coma. In such instances, it becomes necessary to consider the advantages of living wills which can go a long way in making your life a bit easier when struck down with serious illnesses.

Specify What Kind Of Treatment You Want Or Don’t Want

Perhaps the main advantage of living wills is that you can specify the type of treatment that you can opt to have or not have in case of a serious illness especially if your health condition makes you incapable of giving directions on your own. In fact, it would even be true to say that the advantage of a living will includes being able to legally decline certain kinds of treatments and even those which will help to prolong your life.

Also, another advantage of living wills is that you already know what is going to happen when you become seriously ill and so you can choose whether or not you will want to have resuscitation applied when there is not much hope of recovering fully. It would thus mean having greater peace of mind knowing what is going to happen should your health deteriorate beyond repair.

Then again, you can also prevent arguments from taking place if you have already made it clear what should be done in case of needing to be given life support. The advantage of living wills is that it will take the decision out of the hands of the family members who won’t then need to argue about various kinds of treatment options since the living will would be clear in that regard.

In fact, because of these advantages of living wills, your children and even your wife would not have to make difficult decisions with regard to treating you when you are suffering from serious health conditions. Thus, when everything has been clearly spelt out in a living will, your wife and children will be spared the agony of choosing what needs to be done in tricky situations.

What’s more, by keeping in mind these advantages of living wills, it will be in your best interest to immediately make out a living will that in turn will provide both you and your family members with peace of mind as well as comfort in knowing that the future has been provided for. Now you can
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